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Ansible based Homeserver setup using Docker.

Inspired by Ansible NAS and HomelabOS

What is this?

CharjaBox is an Ansible playbook that can be used to easily deploy your Homeserver setup.

All supported applications can be installed on your server using Docker by simply changing some variables and running the playbook.

Read the documentation here.




  1. Make sure all Requirements are met
  2. Clone the repository and cd into the directory
  3. Configure everything
  4. Create an inventory file and add your server's IP/Hostname/Domain
  5. Install needed roles: ansible-galaxy install -r requirements.yml
  6. Run the playbook: ansible-playbook -i inventory -u $USER charjabox.yml

You can use the playbook charjabox/scripts/initialize.yml to skip part of steps 3 and 4. This playbook asks you about your server IP, group name and settings folder and creates the files for you automatically.

You still need to do it manually if you want to use multiple servers for now. This functionality will be added to the script in the future.

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